Artist Statement

Since childhood, I have been exposed to the philosophy that

we should respect nature.

There is an invisible power in mountains, trees, water,

and even in the sound of wind.

When I wander through nature, the composition of colors and shapes,

and the smell of air, speak to my spiritual core.

My deep respect for nature has had a definitive influence on my life and my art:

The visual motifs in my paintings are derived from images of the

ever-changing forms found in the natural environment.

When my eyes perceive a tree or shadow as they exist in the real world,

my subconscious wants to address the invisible reality of life.

Fleeting imagery of nature also mirrors the short radiance of our life

as humans ordained by natural province.

It is here that I recognize the ephemeral essence of human existence.

Thus, my inner reflections about humanity and all of the images I see

in reality are transferred to colors and shapes

that are interwoven in each canvas.

Itsuko Kiyokawa